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We help you Style Your Brand.

Everyone needs a Champion to inspire, teach, support, and push them forward. Together we turn YOUR Vision into a Reality! Recognized for ingenuity in the fluid landscape of social and digital media, Rebecca is known as
The Branding Whisperer with a profound capacity for deconstructing the complexity of branding success. She says, “I have a holistic approach to branding. Your brand is about so much more than a logo and colors. I walk you through the branding process to gain clarity and build a strong brand promise. Then I style a distinctive brand identity with your vision.”

Strategic Branding and Styling

We Specialize in:

Coaching and Mentoring Services Social Media and Blog Brand Development, Re-branding, Brand Audits.

Blog Styling and Brand Coaching
Media Kit Design and Layout
Magazine Design and Publication
Graphic Design and Art Direction
Image Design/Printables
e-Book Design and Publication
eLearning Curriculum Design
Video Production and Editing




What Do YOU Dream?

  • Do You Want More… Time…Clients…Traffic…Income…Joy?
  • Do You Desire to Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business?
  • Do You Long to be YOURSELF and Thrive?
Blogging brands fail to thrive when they don’t evolve in a way that makes the blogger happy and/or when the blog is not aligned with your core values. When your business model isn’t making you happy and serving your core needs, then it’s not sustainable. A client says, “Just as horse whisperers have a potent ability to understand the actions, motives, needs, and desires of the animals they work with, Rebecca has a unique ability to draw out the vision, goals, and wishes of social entrepreneurs. Branding is a behavioral art, and one at which she excels.”

Are you ready for a change?

You will be glad you found us! We know how to build or reinvent your blogging business plus help you make more money. Founded in 2004, we have helped hundreds of bloggers leverage social media to grow traffic and increase their bottom line. We innovate! We help clients build brands and blogs with intentional design. Creating solutions for brands and bloggers who are rebranding or reinventing their social personality. We guide small, creative blogging entrepreneurs to attract more clients-and not just any clients–Their IDEAL Clients; the kind who pay you gladly, stay loyal to you as long as you have products or services they want, and refer you to other people.

If you want to change, you are in the right place. Please reach out if you believe we can add a little spark or sparkle to your dream.

A digital media agency creating solutions for bloggers!

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